New York Compensation Assoc.




The New York Compensation Association (NYCA) serves as a forum for the exchange of information and for the advancement of knowledge in the field of total compensation. The Association's primary objective is improvement in the understanding and application of employee compensation principles and practices.

Membership is on a personal rather than corporate basis with emphasis on professional background and current standing in the field of compensation and benefits.

Eligibility for Membership
Eligibility is limited to individuals engaged in designing, establishing, executing, consulting, administering or managing the compensation and/or benefits function.

Ineligibility for Membership
Persons associated with employment agencies or search firms are ineligible for membership. Any NYCA member who becomes associated with such a firm is required to resign from membership at the time he/she joins such a firm.

Membership Responsibilily
In order to realize the objectives of the Association, each member is expected to participate actively in the Association. This includes attending meetings, assisting in obtaining speakers, recommending candidates for membership, participating in group discussions, and other activities of the Association. All members are encouraged to volunteer for various activities and to seek leadership roles in the organization.

Change of Position or Company
If a member changes companies, or changes positions within a company, and wishes to remain a NYCA member, that member should contact the Membership Director so that the NYCA membership listing and mailing addresses can be updated.

Disqualification from Membership
Failure to pay dues by November I is cause for disqualification.
The Executive Board will have final authority for disqualification of members.

Admission Procedures
Applications for membership must be submitted on the Association's membership application form and forwarded to NYCA's Membership Director. A list of new members will be presented to the Executive Board by the Membership Director.

The officers of NYCA shall be a Chairperson, Co-Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Program Director and Membership Director. All officers shall hold office for one Association year (from September I through August 3 1). The Co-Chairperson normally assumes the post of Chairperson in the second year.

All officers may serve up to three consecutive terms in the same position.

Officers must be members of NYCA. Only those members engaged in designing, establishing, executing, administering or managing the compensation and/or benefits function for a single, principle employer are eligible to hold office. Consultants are not eligible to serve as officers of the organization.

No officer shall receive any salary or compensation from the Association. However, Executive Board members will be exempt from paying dues for the period during which they hold office.

The seven officers shall comprise the NYCA Executive Board and shall be responsible for management of the business affairs and professional activities of the Association and for the enforcement of its by-laws.

The Secretary shall mail to the membership a form requesting nominations for Executive Board offices to be filled in the coming Association year.

The Executive Board will select a slate from the submitted nominations. The slate will be distributed for voting by the membership. The signed ballots will be mailed to the Chairperson who will count and record the votes and announce election results at the last regular meeting of the year.

The amount of dues will be determined by the Executive Board.

Dues will be billed prior to the start of the next fiscal year and will be payable by September 1. The Association's fiscal year is September 1 through August 31.

Dues are not prorated.

Members who change positions or companies and remain eligible for NYCA membership will not be assessed a second dues payment

These by-laws may be amended or repealed, or new by-laws may be adopted, by a majority of the votes cast. Voting shall be by signed ballot mailed to the Chairperson.

The sole and final authority for interpretation of the Association's by-laws shall be the Executive Board of the Association.